Rehearsal Footage #1

Hey everyone!

This blog post’s main purpose is to link the first video of my rehearsal footage, to the rest of my discussions so far.

The link to the footage is here:

Rehearsal Footage #1

These rehearsals were the first few times that the actors had walked through the 10 minute scene. The blocking is minimal and the scripts are still in hand, as I just wanted the actors to focus on what they were saying to one another, and how their words would affect the other characters in the room.

More rehearsal footage will be uploaded soon, where we begin to rehearse without scripts in hand, and work more on the physical interaction between the 4 characters in the scene.

This is just a rehearsal process so bare that in mind, but I hope you enjoy regardless, and begin to see the project taking shape. You might even begin to construct ideas as to whether you think this experiment will prove successful in anyway, or whether it might not?

Feel free to leave any constructive comments below.

Hope you’re all having a great day!


DSC_0056 2


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