Rehearsal Footage #2

This blog post has a link to the second round of rehearsal footage of my first honours experiment.

The link is here: Rehearsal Footage #2

The actors were a bit nervous about being off script entirely, and so this rehearsal was a bit more casual in terms of its structure. I wanted my actors to feel as comfortable as possible.

There were a few call for ‘line’, but overall, my actors have made great progress in their learning of their lines, the delivery of their lines, and the blocking of the scene.

Obviously we will continue to work on these factors with the small amount of time we have left before this experiment is shown to the public, but progress is being made.

Thank you for reading/watching/following my honours exploits.

I hope to have more fascinating information and results real soon!

Until then,

TattleTaleTony, signing off! 😀


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