Rehearsal Footage #3

Our last rehearsal in the AV Studio. Our last rehearsal in this confined space. Next week we bump-in, plot lights and run a tech-run and dress-run. Next week we can breathe in the Annexe Theatre space.

Here is some footage of our rehearsals this week. Compare it to the previous rehearsal footage and witness just how far my actors have come so far. Once scripts get out of hands, character relationships blossom. In the world of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the blossoming isn’t a positive process. But as a director, the blossoming is the most positive thing in this process.

Rehearsal footage #3

When the actors no longer needs the confines of the script. When they can be free to articulate with their bodies and interact with their thoughts and their expressions. This is when the performance becomes alive.

It’s so exciting. I know this is only a short experiment, but I can’t wait for whatever I conjure up for the end of this year.

Stay tuned for more.

For now, Adios amigos.



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