The Tassie Tune – Project Preparation

Hello loyal readers,

This is just a post, briefly detailing the new direction and what I intend to happen from this moment forward in terms of progressing my projected outcomes for my Honours project.

Just as a revision, my project is called:

‘The Tassie Tune’: A celebratory exploration into the Tasmanian dialect through verbatim recordings and phonetic transcription of Tasmanian residents.

For this semester, I’ll just be focusing my documentation on the Launceston region of Tasmania, however other people visiting the state, and people who reside in other corners of Tasmania are still more than welcome to be a part of the project!

This afternoon I had to present my current project status to my fellow peers at the University of Tasmania, and it went well. The full powerpoint presentation can be accessed below:


To be able to move forward with this project, I obviously had to gain ethics approval from the University of Tasmania. On account of this project involving the local community who aren’t trained professionals and have their own lives to lead, legal approval needs to be gained, just to make sure that the project I am undertaking, doesn’t infringe upon any of the values that the University of Tasmania strives to uphold.

I am happy to say that I have gained formal approval by the University of Tasmania ethics committee, in what can only be described as ‘the fastest ethics approval EVER’ haha. It was great that the people from that department of the University, were able to approve my request as fast as they could, so that my project didn’t lose momentum, and is able to continue in its resolution.

I am very thankful for this outcome.

I also had to gain approval from the local Launceston City Council to be able to set up a table in their Brisbane St. Mall, and to be able to record residents who walk by.

In association with the council’s rules; I won’t be approaching or pestering anyone in the mall on the days I am recording – and passersby are welcome of their own free will to approach my location and inquire about my being there.

I have gained approval from the council in order to conduct my project, so finally I am able to begin constructing my awaiting installation work.

It is now week 9, of my 13 week University semester. A few weeks have been lost with the organisation and approval needed to undertake the following project, but now that it has been approved, I am able to start recording and constructing my presentation.

Below is a basic diagram of my current intentions in which the project will be displayed for assessment:

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-50-38-pm ^ The arrows indicate where the audience will enter. The audience will then be free to explore the space at their own leisure.

Originally, each of the computers would have represented a different area of the Tasmanian state, but for this scaled-down Launceston version, they will most likely represent different suburbs of Launceston.

Each computer will have a set of headphones that the audience can listen to, whilst reading the information displayed on the screen.

An example of what might appear of the computer screens is below:


The screens will be synced with the audio emitted from the headphones.

Each recording will feature basic information on the person speaking the text.

Details such as: Gender, Age, Year of Birth, Birthplace, Current Town/City of residence will be displayed.

This information will be collected via an approved consent form, and will only be used in the such manner. No information collected will out-right disclose the identities of those involved. The information presented is just to give a bit of background about the person speaking. There may also be a simple expansive map, giving a rough look at the terrain in which that person currently resides.

Below the information will be the text in which the participant is speaking and the associated phonetic symbols in which they produce.

For more information about the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) see my post:

Basically the IPA (featured below) is an alphabet that helps people to understand and speak different accents. Each symbol stands for a sound that we can create with our mouths, and when the symbols are implemented into text in association with an accent’s sound placement, the reader can speak in different accents.


The idea of this project, is just to provide a bit more documentation about the diversity that modern culture offers to us every single day.

The project will be presented in the Studio space, Annexe Theatre, Inveresk Precinct, Launceston on the 5th and 6th of November 2016 and a smaller version will also be presented at the Powerhouse gallery on the 10th and 11th of November also.

The documentation is reminiscent of the format used on websites such as:

IDEA (International Dialects of English Archive):

When taking a look on the website, you can see that out of the 32 Australian recordings, two of the participants have had residence at some point in Tasmania. I felt there was quite a gap in this representation of our diverse island state, so this was a big inspiration for developing this project into what it is at this stage.

This format similarity is for legal reasons, but I will be using a different text to their forms of documentation.

I’ll be using the text: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” written by Dr. Seuss.

I was originally going to use a Tasmanian poem for the recordings, but instead had to resort to something else to be able to continue with the project project timeline of completion.

I chose this poem, because it speaks about going out into the world and being the best that you can be. There will be high times and low times, but you are an individual and you can do great things if you set your mind to it. I felt like this sends a positive message, and works well with the celebratory themes of my current project iteration – so hence it became the text for my participants to read.

The full poem can be found here:

It’s often described as one of the most motivational poems that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Seems to be a fitting text!!!

Anyway, that seems to be the main points of the project.

Now, is the time to begin recordings, the phonetic transcription of those recordings, and the compilation of the exhibition material.

It’s an exciting, nerve-wracking and intimidating time, but with passion and determination, nothing is impossible!

As always, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for future updates. They will be happening more regularly from now on.

If anyone in Tasmania, Australia would like to be a part of my project; head to the Brisbane St. Mall, Launceston on Wednesday the 14th, Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of September 2016, from 9am – 3pm!

People from interstate are also welcome (obviously) even though it is highly-unlikely you would journey to Tasmania simply for my project :p Or just happen to be here during the recording days.

Future recordings may also be organised, depending upon the response received during these three designated days.

Thank you for listening! Take care! Have Fun! Stay awesome!

TattleTaleTony signing out (for now) 😀


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